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Embrace of the Vampire is a vampire film famous mostly for Alyssa Milano's very revealing scenes. It is a horror film that was rated R by the MPAA for strong sexuality, and for violence and language. A more graphic version (which is 1 minute longer than the rated R version) which is not rated is also available in North America. Released in 1994, many people criticized the movie as an excuse for Milano to shed her \"good girl\" image. Others rushed to see the movie because of that.

Ficha técnica

Género Comedia
Título Original Embrace of the Vampire
Director Anne Goursaud
Protagonistas Alyssa Milano, Seana Ryan, Rebecca Ferratti, Jennifer Tilly, Harold Pruett, Glori Gold, Martin Kemp
Año de producción 2009
Productor Ladd Vance, Marilyn Vance, Matt Ferro, Alan Mruvka
Guionista Rick Bitzelberger, Nicole Coady
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